Steel City BFC Members are available to reach as many people as possible

Steel City members are always available for prayer when contacted.  We make many home & hospital visits.  Through our media outlets there are many ways to contact Steel City if needed. Our facebook page not only reflects what we are doing as a group, but allows us to post prayer requests to spread the word to many prayer warriors.



Steel City has a wide variety of age ranges & backgrounds within our group.  We are always available to help council thouse that need a friend, a helping hand or just an ear to listen.  From young adults & beyond we make it our goal to make everyone feel welcome to come and get to know us.  We are also blessed to have a minister within SteelCity as well.  We are a very family oriented group of individuals so little ones are welcome!



SteelCity members are very active in the Pittsburgh & surrounding areas.  Montly (Sometimes weekly depending on season) visits are made to areas with a high homeless population.  Care packages are made up in advanced and then we hit the steets helping as many as we can.  This has been a great platform to be able to minister to those that need & want to draw closer to GOD.  Donations in the forms of clothing & food are sometimes  given to Steelcity  to help continue this mission.  As Steel City grows, we hope that our outreach will as well allowing us to reach further out in areas that need help & hope.


At SteelCity BFC we welcome the opportunity to meet & get to know everyone from all walks of life.  We would love to have you join our crew as an active member.  Not sure if its the right fit for you? We welcome you to come to a meeting, ride along with us to some events & get to know the crew and then decide for yourself if it would be a good fit.  Don't ride, but have a passion to spread GOD's word? Become a SteelCity BFC supporter.  Share with us in our mission to reach as many people as possible and bring them to know GOD.